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wlangmuka. HELP SECTiON RULES. :]

Post by patty. on Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:11 am

Help Section Rules:

1. Follow the Primary Rules of our forum.

2. Type in English.

3. Explain the details. Don't let us guess. If you expect proper help. It's is mandatory that you provide details regarding your dilemma.

4. Don't post if can't relate. It will be considered as spam.

5. Try to be specific with your topic titles. Do not post something like...
- Help me!
- Need Help!

[ Duh, this is the help section. No need to make titles like those mentioned above. It's just redundant and annoying...
but,do give a clear title so its easy for the mods to identify ur problems. :] ]

6. If you have questions that are related. Try to ask in one topic. Avoid making topics with the same problems.

7. If your topic is solved. Please PM or Report it to a Moderator or Admin.

8 Don't be afraid to ask. This is the Help Section after all. Basketball

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